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Mira Event Thermostatic Power Shower

Mira Event
xs. Mira Event XS Thermostatic shower replacements & installs. We usually replace the Mira Event with a Mira Vigour for €360.00 Northside & €365.00 Southside. They are roughly half the price of a Mira Event. The only difference is the Event pumps out 16 litres per minute & the Vigour 14 litres per minute. We can quote you for a Mira Event if you wish on 0872885385


Mira Vigour shower €360.00 supplied & fitted.

Replace your old/broken Mira Event or Mira Vigour with a new Mira Vigour for €360.00 northside & €365.00 Southside

Mira Vigour Thermostatic shower has the perfect blend of performance and price, with precision concentric flow and temperature controls. Variable flow of up to 14 litres per minute.

Thermostatic temperature stability keeps showering safe for all the family. Maximum temperature stop for added safety, with manual over-ride button Five spray showerhead with rub clean rubber nozzles for easy cleaning.
Same or next day service including Saturdays & Sundays
For Mira shower replacement,Mira shower repair or Mira shower installation Phone: 0872885385
Dublin based shower fitter

New install from €540.00

Mira Showers 



For shower replacement, repair or installation Phone: 0872885385 

 Dublin based shower fitter


We offer a full repair service for Triton & Mira shower showers. Same or next day service. We use only genuine Mira & Triton parts. (Triton trained for installing & repairing showers)
All we need is the make & model of your shower. You will find this on the front of your shower e.g. Triton T90si or Mirs Elite 2. Once we have this information we set about repairing your shower.
We also offer shower replacements.
Call Barry on 0872885385

We offer a repair service on all Mira & Triton showers using genuine Mira & Triton parts for Dublin & surrounding areas.

(Trained by Triton U.K. for installing & repairing showers)

 Visit our Triton and Mira spare parts store CLICK HERE




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