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Garden water butt supplied & fitted from €95.00

Rainwater harvesting (collecting) is where you collect the rainwater that lands on the roof of your house , shop, pub, factory etc. This is stored in a tank not unlike a modern plastic oil tank. It can sit at the side or rear of the building or buried. The rainwater stored here is pumped on demand to your house. This water can be used to run your washing machine, toilets and outside tap.

The modern toilet uses 5 to 8 litres per flush. If a family of 4 flush just twice a day they use 11680 litres in a year. Old type toilets use up to 14 litres per flush. That’s 40880 litres per year at only 2 flushes per day!

Your washing machine uses about 75 litres per run. A family of 4 might use a washing machine 5 (or more) times per week. That’s 19500 litres for a year!

Even washing the car using a hose uses 400 to 500 litres!

With water meters coming in shortly it is time to look at getting a rainwater harvesting system installed.
Rain Water Harvesting: Rain_Water_Harvesting : Rain Water Harvesting Photos, Wallpapers ...



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