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Triton T90Z 9.5KW Pumped electric shower

Triton T90Z 9.5KW shower €340.00 supplied & fitted.
Replace your old Triton T90, Triton T90I, Triton T90si or Triton T90XR with a new Triton T90Z pumped electric shower, supplied & fitted for €340.00 northside and €345.00 southside This is a special offer. Usual price €385.00

This is the electric pumped shower you need if you’re looking for a tank fed shower (99% of homes in Dublin need this as opposed to mains fed).
For Triton shower replacement, Triton shower repair or Triton shower installation Phone: 0872885385
Dublin based shower fitter
The T90Z brings a cool easy style to any bathroom. Sculpted curves draw the eye into central detail.

Prices for Co Kildare, Bray, Wicklow, Meath, Louth etc on request. We can cover Westmeath, Longford, Offaly, Laois, Carlow, Kilkenny & Wexford with some notice (again prices on request).

Triton T90Z 9.5KW shower €340.00 supplied & fitted Dublin Northside & €345.00 Southside


Chrome accents around the controls add a fresh modern feel, while a high intensity blue LED power indicator emits a bright clear light for easier indication.


Integrated pump for homes where mains water pressure is low, unreliable
or non-existent. For use with gravity fed water systems only

Stylish slimline design with contrasting chrome accents

Push button Start/Stop – allows the last used shower settings to be retained

'Power on' indicator clearly signified by the high intensity blue LED light

3 power settings: “cold “ ideal for rinsing, “economy” for energy saving use when the incoming water is warmer and “high” to achieve the maximum water heating capability of the shower

Temperature control with a good grip and clear markings for easy temperature selection

2 year guarantee for peace of mind

We can also replace your old Triton T80 with a new Triton T80Z electric shower, supplied & fitted for €290.00. This is a mains fed shower.

Same or next day service including Saturdays & Sundays

New install from €620.00
For a new install we send out an Electrician & a Plumber so you know the wiring & plumbing are up to standard.

Fitting Triton showers since 1990

We offer a repair service on all Mira & Triton showers using genuine Mira & Triton parts for Dublin & surrounding areas.

(Trained by Triton U.K. for installing & repairing showers)

Visit our Triton and Mira spare parts store CLICK HERE








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