Aqulisa Aquastream

Aqualisa Aquastream thermostatic

With 90mm Harmony head – white and chrome

Like all of our Thermo showers, Aquastream Thermo relies upon our proven thermostatic showering technology. Two flow rate settings allow you to make the most of your plumbing system and thanks to Aquastream Thermo’s surface mounted design, installation is easy, with damage to décor being kept to a minimum.

Aquastream Thermo now features the stylish, new Harmony shower head, offering four impressive spray patterns, including an ‘eco’ setting for up to 25% water saving.

Select from 10 or 18 litre flow rate settings
Clever, integrated pump means easy, quick and fuss free installation
Suitable for gravity water systems only
Adjustable height, Harmony shower head with 4 impressive spray patterns, including ‘eco’ spray
Rub clean nozzles and anti-twist hose connection
3 year manufacturer’s guarantee
Also available in Satin chrome and White.

Triton & Aqualisa trained installer

Same or next day service including Saturdays & Sundays
For shower replacement, repair or installation Phone: 0872885385
Dublin based shower fitter

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Mira Shower Parts

We have a newly opened Mira shower spare parts store. We stock most parts for Mira Elite 2 and Mira Elite ST. From new parts to reconditioned/ 2nd hand parts. Pumps, heating cans, solonoids, tco, prd, etc

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Triton Shower Parts

We have a newly opened Triton shower spare parts store. We stock most parts for Triton T90i, Triton T90SI, Triton T90XR & Triton T90Z. From new parts to reconditioned/ 2nd hand parts. Pumps,  heating cans, solonoids, tco, prd, etc

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Rainwater Harvesting

Rainwater harvesting (collecting) is where you collect the rainwater that lands
on the roof of your house , shop, pub, factory etc. This is stored in a tank not
unlike a modern plastic oil tank. It can sit at the side or rear of the building
or buried. The rainwater stored here is pumped on demand to your house. This
water can be used to run your washing machine, toilets and outside

The modern
toilet uses 5 to 8 litres per flush. If a family of 4 flush just twice a day
they use 11680 litres in a year. Old type toilets use up to 14 litres per flush.
That’s 40880 litres per year at only 2 flushes per day!

Your washing
machine uses about 75 litres per run. A family of 4 might use a washing machine
5 (or more) times per week. That’s 19500 litres for a year!

Even washing the
car using a hose uses 400 to 500 litres!

With water
meters coming in shortly it is time to look at getting a rainwater harvesting
system installed.



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Triton T90Z


Triton T90z €295 supplied & fitted

The latest Triton T90Z is their best yet.
This is the electric shower you need if you’re looking for a tank fed shower
(99% of homes need this as apposed to mains fed). We’re doing a special offer
with this, replace your old Triton T90 or Triton T90si  or Triton T90XR with a new Triton T90Z
supplied & fitted for €295.00

New install from


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Mira Elite ST

Mira Elete St supply & fit €310.00.  We’re doing a very special offer on the Mira Elite ST pumped shower. We’ll replace your old Mira Elite or Mira Elite2 with the latest Mira Elite ST for 310.00. This is a limited offer!

Mira Elite ST 9.8kW Shower White / Chrome Mira Showers


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Triton & Mira shower repairs

We offer a full Triton & Mira shower repair service. we have been trained by Triton Showers themselves at Triton H.Q. in Birmingham U.K. 

Triton electric showers

The main Triton electric showers we repair are: Triton T80si, Triton  T80xr, Triton T80z,Triton T90si, Triton T90xr & Triton T90z.  We charge €75 labour plus the cost of the part. Parts range from €20 to €85 but the average cost of a part in €30. This leaves the average cost of repairing the shower  at €105. We always bring a new replacement Triton T90z with us & we can supply & fit this for €295.

As most of the main parts for the Triton T80, Triton T80i, Triton T90 & Triton T90i are no longer available (the youngest of these showers are 13 years old) we can only offer a very limited repair service on these models.

We do have a limited stock of 2nd hand parts

Mira electric showers

The main Mira electric showers we repair are Mira Elite 2 & Mira Elite ST

We charge €75 labour plus the cost of the part. Parts range from €20 to €110 but the average cost of a part in €50. This leaves the average cost of repairing the shower  at €135. We always bring a new replacement Mira Elite ST with us & we can supply & fit this for €310.

Power showers

We also offer a full repair service on Triton & Mira power showers & mixer showers.




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Mira Event XS

Mira Event XS Thermostatic

Bursting with performance. Brings safe, powerful showering and practical features to your bathroom.

  • Thermostatic temperature stability keeps showering safe for all the family
  • Separate temperature and flow controls to fine tune your perfect shower
  • Select and forget control for your ideal shower at the touch of a button
  • The special ‘flow boost’ feature delivers an invigorating 16 litres of water a minute
  • 4 spray showerhead
  • With rub-clean nozzles for easy limescale removal

For more information follow the link below


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Triton AS2000XT €330 supplied & fitted

Triton AS2000XT Triton AS2000XT €330.00 supplied & Fitted. Replace your old/broken Triton 2000 with a new Triton AS2000XT for only €330.00.
Thermostatic Power Shower Chrome / White Offering all of the benefits of the AS2000X it also boasts fully thermostatic control. Making sure that if someone turns the water on elsewhere in the house then your perfect showering experience stays that way. The AS2000XT gives you a different way to control your ultimate power shower with independent flow and temperature controls, and a separate start/stop button, which means that once you have set your perfect shower you need never change the settings.
* Thermostatic temperature control * Start/stop button * Variable rub clean sprayhead: 5 position rub clean sprayhead * Automatic shut down if the hot or cold supplies fail. * Easy grip independent flow and temperature controls * Integral pump delivers up to 14 litres per minute * Numbered temperature dial for easy temperature selection * Adjustable maximum temperature stop – prevents the temperature being accidentally being turned up too high * Finish: white/chrome effect * 2 year guarantee
(Trained by Triton U.K. for installing & repairing showers)
We offer a full repair service for Triton & Mira shower showers. Same or next day service. We use only genuine Mira & Triton parts. Mira Showers Triton logo image All we need is the make & model of your shower. You will find this on the front of your shower e.g. Triton T90si or Mirs Elite 2. Once we have this information we set about repairing your shower. We also offer shower replacements.

Call Barry on 0872885385

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Mould in bedrooms

Most people think mould in the bedroom is damp coming in. In fact it’s usually condensation caused by cold uninsulated walls. This would be more noticeable behind furniture, e.g. beds wardrobes etc. This is because what heat you may have in the room isn’t reaching these places. Houses (like my own) build more than 20 years ago had little or no insulation.

The Property Maintenance Company can insulate your rooms with insulation boards. They can be 25mm to 100mm thick. Not only will they stop condensation & ugly mould stains they will keep you home much warmer & save you money on your heating bills.

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